Love your mother, help your friend!

Calling all friends. Calling all family. Calling all people with mothers (that’s you!):

Please consider a pack of cards, a scarf, or slippers as a gift your your mother this Mother’s day! Mother’s Day is coming up quickly–less than a month!–and what better way to help a friend and give your mother something really nice, cute and useful?!

We've got to love our moms!

The scarves make particularly wonderful spring/summer gifts for moms. They are light enough to wear this time of year, and come in a lovely assortment of colors!

Order now, and your gift can be shipped directly to you OR to your mother! (perfect for those of us living out-of-state. I will even throw in a personalized mother’s day card. Just tell me what you want to say.

Click here to buy now!

100% of profits will support my trip to India!


Why we are here: India


As many of you know, I will be graduating this May from CU Boulder and have the amazing opportunity to chaperone a group of 9 students from East High School on a service-learning trip to India this summer. I have brought you here (to this blog) for two reasons:

ONE: I am going to use this space throughout the summer to write about my travels to India and beyond. This is where I will post pictures, tell stories, write poems, etc. There are many reasons that people travel–to eat, to rest, to experience new things, to serve. I am traveling to India to explore a beautiful, rich culture, to learn all I can from the people I meet and the places I visit. I am also going on this trip to explore what it means, as a teacher, to take students to another country, to teach way outside of the classroom. I will be leading this trip, along with two teachers from East and one other recent college grad. Next fall, I will be student teaching. My hope is that if I can manage to lead nine students to India and back, I will be able to teach high school students a thing or two about English. Stay tuned…we will see.

TWO: The second reason that I have brought you here is that in order to go on this trip, I need to raise approximately $2000. After spending some time thinking of ways to go about this, I realized that what I love more than anything is to make things: scarves, books, hats, slippers, cards, food, etc. I love to create cute/useful/meaningful products in sustainable ways, from things that already exist. This is what have I decided to do to raise money for my trip. In exchange for donations, I have made (or will make, in colors of your choice), the following items:


set of 5 cards.

handmade, all occasion.

$15. Buy Now!



each card is different. each card is cute. you can write your own short messages in the lines.






cotton scarves with swallows.

$25. Buy Now!





lightweight cotton scarves are made with extra 100% organic cotton fabric from BECKONS clothing. swallows are hand-sewn.

available in stripe w/cornflower blue bird, charcoal w/boysenberry bird, butter yellow w/cornflower blue bird, eblue (royal) w/cornflower blue bird.


hand-knit slippers.

a boddicker family tradition. available in yellow, pink, purple, brown, orange, green, black (you pick, I knit).

$50. Buy Now!



if you are interested in supporting my trip to India or would like to obtain any of these cute items, contact me at:



or buy online at Beckons Organic